in English-a cat’s life

Cats need to almost be taken care of as children.
Daily doses of light and fresh air can affect their mood and reduce stress.
tilpasningThey also need to use their bodies every day. Varied activities, which they can choose, is to recommend. As some children, some cats to becomes bored of the same activities. To hide away their toys for a period arouses interest again.

We have chosen to keep our cats as «indoor cats». Both cats are still fertile and we do not want uncontrolled mating. We also do this because we believe that to let them go out alone increases the risk of diseases, injuries and at worst they can be run over by cars.
In our home, we have arranged at the best of our ability for them to live happily as indoor cats.
We have made several arrangement indoors, and we also have a balcony on the second floor as they are free to use.

katte altanThe balcony are furnished for us all. The cats have gotten shelves up on the wall and boxes they can jump on. There is also a furniture group for all of us to use because we want to spend time outside together when the weather is nice.

A water fountain, which was acquired for the sound of trickling water, has become a favorite with the cats. It has almost daily fresh water as the wind and the cats make it necessary to refill constantly.

frir_tmTo make it safe to be on the balcony for the cats, we have secured it with a wide net. There is a big world out there which may tempt. It may be nothing more than a bird or a cat and they can ignore the height to go hunting. If they were to jump up onto the railing to get a little better view, a little dew or a few rain drops could be enough for them to slip and fall down. The second floor is quite high up in the air so that accidents could cause injury.

Processed by: Helicon Filter;Inside the house the cats move around freely almost as other family members. But the living room is is only allowed together with us, and then they must behave.

For them to have some furniture that is only theirs, we have placed a few climbing environment by some of the windows. Our cats think it’s great to lie in the window to look at what’s happening out there. By having climbing three, they can climb and they come up in height which most cats like. Here they have a place to lie and it is not rare that it ends with a nap.

aktive_tmWe live in «the rainy west coast”. For this reason we have added a little extra for all the rainy days.
A wall was sacrificed and the cats got more shelves and a climbing stick in between gave an extra challenge. The shelves we customized ourselves and all were covered with needle felt on top. We wanted them to get a good grip so the risk of falling off was minimized. The speed up the wall can at times be very high.
A cat at our home has many opportunities for activity. We try to create an environment for cats that encourage them to activities both inside and outside. An active cat, who is not bored, is a more healthier cat.

katter på altanenI will still emphasize that lack of space or the lack of a balcony does not mean that a cat is excluded. If you have a spare wall, cat environment designed for wall mounting are available in store, but a few shelves is good enough. This allows the cats to be active in height. It is not square meters that counts, but their contents.

If you have a window that can be opened, it’s only to mount on a window grid and the cat gets all the fresh air and the light it could wish for. Fit a shelf in front, or put the cat stands there.

Cats can also be taught to go in harness. When they have got used to it, this is something they can really appreciate. Take a trip into the woods, for it gives great pleasure for the cats. It gives a lot of impressions and much to smell. In the residential environment, it is often the smell of other cats who take all the attention. When you embark on a trip with a cat, it may be a good idea to bring a camera. There is much that might be worth to preserve and it then becomes less boring. Cats will investigate almost everything and it can take a veeeery long time.