in English-Mellow

GIC (N)CarilloCat March Mellow
SIB n 23/24 black tigret/black spottet
Born 8. March 2010

HCM: normal 11. Apr. 2016 + 26. March 2013
PKD ultrasound: negative July-11
PKD1 DNA: negative
PK Deficiency DNA: negative
Blood group: A
FIV/FeLV: negative 26. March 2013

DNA Feline Coat Color Results:
Agouti Result: A/a – Offspring can be agouti or non-agouti depending on the genetics of the mating.
Amber Result: E/E – No copies of the mutation for Amber.
Colorpoint Restriction Result: C/C – Full color, cat does not carry Burmese(sepia) or Siamese alleles
Brown Result: B/B – Full color, cat does not carry brown or cinnamon
Dilute Result: D/D – Full color. Cat does not have the dilute allele


29th May 2014 became Mellow mother for the first and only time. She and Ozzie got two beautiful kittens together before she was spayed. They became the parents of the two boys
(N) Siberikos Quincy and (N) Siberikos Quintin.
Quintin will stay with us and hopefully continue this lines.

October 2 2015 became Quentin father and Mellow grandmother of 3 girls and 2 boys

13th September 2017 became Quitin father and Mellow grandmother of 3 boys and 2 girls

Pictures of Mellow

was selected for breeding as she had an interesting pedigree with both new and familiar lines in both parents ancestors. There are several Golden Cats in the lines.
The girl has grown into a big girl. The texture of her coat is great.

Mellow joined us just before the end of the year 2011/12.
She moved to us because she needed relocation. Her previous family had a 2-year-old she did not get along with.
We took her in after a short reflection, and Ozzi and Mellow liked each other immediately.
We are also very fond of the girl. With her gentle manner she greets us with gentle sounds and she comes often up in the sofa to be scratched and get some attention.

Ozzi and Mellow stick together both inside and outside and they also have their rest moments together but then also often close to us.