in English-Orenda

Mittelmeijer Orenda
SIB n 09 22 black classic with white
Born 22. April 2014
She is from cattery Mittelmeijer in Netherlands,
Ludmila Khimonina and Ed Mittelmeijer

HCM: normal 14. Jun. 2018 + 3. Jun. 2017 + 11. Apr. 2016 + 11. Aug. 2015
PKD1 DNA: normal
PK Deficiency DNA: normal
Blood group: A or AB by DNA

DNA Feline Coat Color Results:
Agouti Result: A/a – Offspring can be agouti or non-agouti depending on the genetics of the mating.
Amber Result: E/E – No copies of the mutation for Amber.
Colorpoint Restriction Result: C/C – Full color, cat does not carry Burmese(sepia) or Siamese alleles
Brown Result: B/B – Full color, cat does not carry brown or cinnamon
Dilute Result: D/D – Full color. Cat does not have the dilute allele


Orenda became mother for the first time October 2, 2015 and Quentin was the father. She and Quintin had 3 girls and 2 boys all the same color and pattern as mom.

May 17, 2016 she and Ozzi became parents to Bianca, Brutus and three brothers. This time there were two with spotted pattern and Bianca was also very bright in color.

September 13, 2017 she and Quintin again became parents. This time there were two girls and three boys where of one boy and one girl with spotted pattern.

April 12, 2019 Orenda became mother. She and Quintin got 1 daughter and 6 boys. This time, one of the boys and the girl got the same pattern as Orenda while five boys got Quintin’s spotted pattern.

July 29, 2019 Orenda was neutered.
We have some friends that gave her a future in their paradise home with her son Diego. She will now have a much better futere there than with us where she lost her top status as a neutered. She will be missed our lovely girl with a kind personality.


ORENDA is a calm and sosial girl with excellent fur and excellent bonestructure an improvement to our breeding.

As a mom Orenda is excellent. Easy births and she takes really good care for her little ones. They all grow into confident, curious but loving cats that loves to sleep close to their two legged friend.