in English-Quintin

(N) Siberikos Quintin
SIB n 24 black spottet
Born 29. May 2014
(out of breeding)

Cattery (N) Siberikos,
breeder Kristin Bolme

HCM: normal heart 14. June 2018 + 3. Jun. 2017 + 11th Apr.2016 + 11th Aug.2015
PKD1 DNA: negativ
PK Deficiency DNA: negativ
Blood group: A or AB (by DNA) 19. Aug.-15

DNA Feline Coat Color Results:
Agouti Result: A/A – All offspring will have agouti banded hair.
Amber Result: E/E – No copies of the mutation for Amber.
Colorpoint Restriction Result: C/C – Full color, cat does not carry Burmese(sepia) or Siamese alleles.
Brown Result: B/B – Full color, cat does not carry brown or cinnamon..
Dilute Result: D/D – Full color. Cat does not have the dilute allele.


October 2, 2015 became Quentin father. He and Orenda had 3 girls and 2 boys all the same color and pattern as Orenda.

September 13, 2017 Quintin and Orenda became parents. This time there were two girls and three boys where of one boy and one girl with spotted pattern.

April 12, 2019 Orenda became mother. She and Quintin got 1 daughter and 6 boys. This time, one of the boys and the girl got the same pattern as mum while five boys got Quintin’s spotted pattern.

Quintin is a good mix of both parents.
Spots from his father but warm brown color from his mother. He is much lighter and more golden than Mellow. Color quite close to golden so maybe we will see golden in the next generation.
His personality is similar to his father. Kind to everyone and interested in everything that happens. He also goes on leash without any problems and know how to «sit» and «give paw».

Quentin has proved to be a calm and patient father. He took good care of his kids with both play and care. They all love dad.