in English-Ozzi

IC Cirkumpolare Ozim
SIB n 24 black spottet
Born 11. February 2010
(out of breeding)

OZZI came from
breeder Cathrine and Dag Kristiansen,
with cattery Cirkumpolare

HCM: normal 11. April 2016 + 26. March 2013
PKD ultrasound: negativ June-11
PKD1 DNA: negative
PK Deficiency DNA: negative
Blood group: A
FIV/FeLV: negative 26. March 2013

DNA Feline Coat Color Results
Agouti Result: A/A – All offspring will have agouti banded hair.
Amber Result: E/E – No copies of the mutation for Amber.
Colorpoint Restriction Result: C/C – Full color, cat does not carry Burmese(sepia) or Siamese alleles
Brown Result: B/B – Full color, cat does not carry brown or cinnamon
Dilute Result: D/D – Full color. Cat does not have the dilute allele.


29th May 2014 Ozzie and our Mellow became the parents of two boys,
(N) Siberikos Quincy and (N) Siberikos Quintin.
Quintin will stay with us and hopefully continue this lines.

October 2 2015 became Quintin father and Ozzy grandfather of 3 girls and 2 boys

17th May 2016 Ozzi became father of 4 boys and a girl with our Orenda
Brutus and Bianca is staying with us under evaluation for breeding

13th September 2017 became Quitin father and Ozzy grandfather of 3 boys and 2 girls

Pictures of Ozzi

Ozzi is a boy who got us interested in breeding. Most of his family as close as grandparents are born in Russia. There are also golden cats in both parental lines. Ozzi was fourteen months old when he came to us Easter 2011.He needed relocation. Ozzi did not get along with the 2-year-old girl which his previous family had. They had also got limired space after moving.

He adapted very quickly and he became highly appreciated. Some limit testing before he was fully confident in us were there, but he is adaptable and very trainable. A typical Siberian.

Ozzi has two nicknames in our house. Teddy for the way he walks and his fur and the second is Houdini. Houdini is suitable, for there is little that can stop this boy. Doors is opened easily while standing on his hind legs and pull down the door handle. Is there a door that opens inward that’s no problem only a little more challenging. Even a locked door with the key in the lock, he has managed to turn around to open. Cages with zipper is only a challenge, as it does not take long to open. To avoid having to lock the bedroom door, we turned the handle straight up. He discovered that he could hang over the door handle with both front paws while he kicked hard into the right doorpost. A few nights of practice and he was free to go where he wanted. Finaly we changed to a slippery doorknob and he sleeps the hole night. Once again he has surprised us. He has managed to open the front door even if the lock on this door is placed over the handle and quite high. He solved this by hanging on to the handle while he used his mouth on the lock. So now also the handle of the front door is replaced with a door knob. It became necessary when he was caught twice in the same day with the front door almost open.

Ozzi has become a calm and sweet boy, but with a strong will not to be challenged in some areas.

He has also proved to be a good family man. Buddy with his son while still young, and his grandchildren were all played with and washed.